How To Find Cheap Event Tickets? is one of the latest online ticket agencies to hit the web in 2012.
What makes unique is their refreshing concept of service to customers first. Howard Rice, CEO states that “it’s a tried and true formula that if
we serve our customers; they’ll remain loyal to us”.

Many ticket buyers are reluctant to change, because they become comfortable doing business as usual with certain vendors. These consumers don’t want to search for bargains or discounts, because they don’t want to put forth a little extra effort to really see what competitors are offering. They don’t realize that competition helps keep ticket prices lower. Scalpers know this and take advantage of ticket buyer who don’t due diligence.

We not only offer the standard services of online ticket brokers, such as, buy now, will call, order by phone, etc., but we expedite them to make sure you’re receiving tickets much faster then our competitors. If you bought tickets to a concert you can’t attend, we’ll sell your tickets without charging you and arm and a leg.

We also provide first rate service to customers and pass the savings on to them whenever possible. Our basic website doesn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles, which makes our overhead lower. We offer more than seven and one half million event tickets on our exchange per day. We also offer a variety of promotional specials, such as, two for one tickets, tickets below forty dollars, tickets under twenty five dollars, group discounts, and guaranteed on time delivery.

All ticket brokers essentially get their tickets from the same data bank. The main difference between them is who wants to take those tickets, and how much are they going to mark them up? The other factors that separate ticket brokers are the service charges and possible discounts. Some brokers advertise no service charge, but there’s a higher markup so that the service charge is factored into the price. Ticket brokers are definitely created equally, but what really separates them is their profit margin.

In today’s economic climate of unemployment, underemployment, and uncertainty, we realize that the number one concern of those of us who can afford to buy event tickets
is pricing. Ticket expeditor has made it a priority to price our tickets a little lower than
competitors. We try harder to earn you business, and we hope you will continue to purchase tickets from us.

It is our sincere hope that we will continue to be your ticket servicing broker and whenever you think of tickets, will be first on your list!

H.L. Rice