Ticketexpeditor.com is one of the latest online ticket agencies to hit the web in 2012.

What makes ticketexpeditor.com unique is their refreshing concept of service to customers first. Howard Rice, CEO states that “it’s a tried and true formular that if

you serve your customers; they’re remain loyal to you”.

We not only offer the standard services of online ticket brokers, such as, buy now, will call, order by phone, etc., but we expedite them to make sure you’re receiving tickets much faster then our competitors. If you bought tickets to a concert you can’t attend, we’ll sell your tickets without charging you and arm and a leg.

In today’s economic climate of unemployment, underemployment, and uncertainty, we realize that the number one concern of those of us who can afford to buy event tickets

is pricing. Ticket expeditor has made it a priority to price our tickets a little lower than

Competitors, so that you will continue to purchase them from us.

It is our sincere hope that we will continue to be your ticket serving agent and whenever you think of tickets, Ticketexpeditors.com will be first on your list!

Warm Regards,

Howard Rice






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